Name: Karbalaa
City: Karbalaa
Year of foundation: 1958

Number of Iraqi Premier League titles: 0
Number of Iraqi FA Cup titles: 0
Number of Iraqi Elite Cup titles: 0
Number of Iraqi Super Cup titles: 0
Number of major continental titles: 0

Karbalaa’s first season in the Iraqi Premier League was the 1992/93 season, where they successfully avoided relegation, but they eventually did get relegated in the 1994/95 season and again in the 2000/01 season. From the 2003/04 season until the 2017/18 season, Karbalaa were ever-present in the Premier League and have had some memorable players in their ranks in the past including the Iraqi Premier League’s all-time top scorer, Sahib Abbas. They have even finished as high as sixth which they achieved twice in a row in 2006/07 and 2007/08. They went downhill since then though, being relegated in 2017/18.

Season-by-season record in the Iraqi Premier League:
1992/93: 21st
1993/94: 19th
1994/95: 15th (relegated)
1999/00: 23rd
2000/01: 16th (relegated)
2003/04: Season abandoned
2004/05: 8th
2005/06: 7th
2006/07: 6th
2007/08: 6th
2008/09: 22nd
2009/10: 9th
2010/11: 9th
2011/12: 15th
2012/13: 12th
2013/14: 14th
2014/15: 15th
2015/16: 15th
2016/17: 15th
2017/18: 19th (relegated)