Amanat Baghdad


Name: Amanat Baghdad (meaning Baghdad Mayoralty in English)
Nickname: Asood Al-Asima (meaning The Lions Of The Capital in English)
City: Baghdad
Year of foundation: 1957

Number of Iraqi Premier League titles: 0
Number of Iraqi Central FA League titles: 5
1956/57, 1958/59, 1960/61, 1964/65, 1970/71
Number of Iraqi FA Cup titles: 0
Number of Iraqi Elite Cup titles: 0
Number of Iraqi Super Cup titles: 0
Number of Iraqi Central FA Perseverance Cup titles: 1
Number of major continental titles: 0

Amanat Baghdad were founded on 1st July 1957 under the name of Amanat Al-Asima (meaning Municipalities Of The Capital). However, their roots began in 1954 with the foundation of Esalet Al-Mai (meaning Water Liquefaction), who were merged with the highly-successful Maslahat Naqil Al-Rukab (meaning Passenger Transport Department in English) in 1974 to form a club called Al-Baladiyat (meaning Municipalities), who in turn merged with Amanat Al-Asima in 1977 to form Al-Amana (also meaning Municipalities). In 2009, Al-Amana were renamed to Baghdad, and in 2014, Baghdad were renamed to Amanat Baghdad (meaning Baghdad Mayoralty). Amanat Baghdad have participated in the Iraqi Premier League for a long time but never looked like challenging for the league title until the 2008/09 season. In the 2008/09 season, as a newly-promoted side, Amanat Baghdad (known as Al-Amana at the time) surprised everyone, losing just one game all season and finishing fourth, almost winning the league. Since then, Amanat Baghdad have always been a strong team and achieved their highest ever position in the 2013/14 season when they finished third.

Season-by-season record in the Iraqi Premier League:
1974/75: 7th
1975/76: 5th
1976/77: 5th
1977/78: 5th
1978/79: 10th
1979/80: 8th
1980/81: 11th
1981/82: 7th
1982/83: 10th
1983/84: 13th
1984/85: Season abandoned
1985/86: 12th (relegated)
1991/92: 10th
1992/93: Withdrew from the league after 46 games (relegated)
2000/01: Final qualifying round
2005/06: 28th (relegated)
2008/09: 4th
2009/10: 10th
2010/11: 6th
2011/12: 6th
2012/13: 6th
2013/14: 3rd
2014/15: 5th
2015/16: 8th
2016/17: 8th
2017/18: 7th
2018/19: 8th
2019/20: Season abandoned