Iraq’s 23-man squad for WCQ against Japan

Iraq’s World Cup qualification campaign has been a huge disappointment. Failure, again, to progress to the major tournament has resulted in the dismissal of Radhi Shenaishil. Although the Lions are currently manager-less, reports from Iraqi Professional Players suggest the FA have already decided who will meet up to take on Japan in the next competitive fixture. Here’s a list of the players who according to the network will be in Tehran for the game on June 13:


Mohammed Kassid

Jalal Hassan

Mohammed Hameed


Ahmed Ibrahim

Rebin Sulaka

Mustafa Nadhim

Saad Natiq

Waleed Salim

Alaa Mhawi

Dhurgham Ismail

Ali Adnan


Amjad Kalaf

Ahmed Yasin

Amjad Attwan

Bashar Resan

Mahdi Kamel

Saad Abdul-Amir

Ali Faez

Ali Husni


Alaa Abdul-Zahra

Hamadi Ahmad

Mohanad Abdul-Rahim

Mohammed Shukan