Naft Maysan


Name: Naft Maysan (meaning Maysan Oil in English)
Nickname: Soqoor Al-Mamlaka (meaning The Falcons Of The Kingdom in English)
City: Amara
Year of foundation: 2003
Manager: Uday Ismail (Iraq)

Number of Iraqi Premier League titles: 0
Number of Iraqi FA Cup titles: 0
Number of Iraqi Elite Cup titles: 0
Number of Iraqi Super Cup titles: 0
Number of major continental titles: 0

Naft Maysan were founded in 2003 and they were promoted to the 2009/10 Iraqi Premier League where they successfully avoided relegation. They failed to do so in the following season though, but returned to the top-flight in 2013 and have remained there ever since. They have done well in the past two seasons and in the 2017/18 season they finished 8th which is their highest ever top-flight finish.

Season-by-season record in the Iraqi Premier League:
2009/10: 17th
2010/11: 20th (relegated)
2013/14: 13th
2014/15: 12th
2015/16: 10th
2016/17: 11th
2017/18: 8th