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Soccer Iraq is your one-stop hub for all things Iraqi football. Established in 2015, our objective at Soccer Iraq is to reach out to those living in all corners of the globe with roots and passion for the Lions of Mesopotamia.

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Our Writers

Laith Al Naeme
Hailing from Baghdad and following the bagpipes tradition, Laith Al Naeme is a Social Media Officer and Sports Journalist from Glasgow who has a huge passion in all things Iraqi football.
Seif Abdulamir
I’m your Soccer Iraq not-so-technical technical man. My passion for Iraqi football is immeasurable and that’s why I decided to join Soccer Iraq.
Yaseen Kabash
An avid Al-Shorta supporter and a follower of the Iraqi Premier League.
Ali Al-Fakhri
Basrawi residing in Qatar. Ali is an inspiring business student with a huge passion for everything football. Formerly of Al Ahli Academy in Qatar, Ali makes sure on keeping tabs on all Iraqis abroad in the hope of watching them bring success and glory to themselves and their great nation.
Hasan Farttoosi
Living all over New England, USA. Studying Mechanical Engineering at Clarkson University. Huge Iraqi football enthusiast!
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